My name is Grace, a blogger and food enthusiast and I’m here to bring Hong Kong and Asian influenced flavours into Western cooking. 

I’m lucky enough to have been exposed to two different cultures – my parents are from Hong Kong, however I grew up in London.  It’s great to go back to Hong Kong to see my family – and 99% of the time, the medium for which we get together, is with food. 

My heritage is my inspiration. I have always lived in London, however, on going back to Hong Kong to see family, I am always inundated with new smells, flavours and memories which I want to bring back to put my own spin on the way I cook. Hong Kong and London have given me so many food ideas and widened my eyes, my knowledge and my palette. I don’t know whether it was my social conditioning or some strange oddity in my Asian DNA, (shock, another Asian food blogger on the scene) or perhaps even a miraculously balanced blend of the two that caused it, but food for me brings everything I love together.  
It’s time to give Hong Kong food and flavours the reputation it deserves, and I want to incorporate these into the way London eats through my blog and supper clubs. For my blog, I want to inspire you to a world beyond greasy takeaways and well known (and very often butchered) classics, as well as to put a spin on Asian cuisine my way. My supper clubs should be a way to show that it’s not just East London that can do it well… West London has something to offer too!

I hope you enjoy reading this, and please do get in contact if you have any press/event/recipe queries and suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!

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